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A Central Provider for Constants in Ionic 2

I’m not really sure what the best practice is in Angular 2 (and therefore Ionic 2) for defining your application’s constants in a central place but the question came up in the Ionic 2 forum yesterday.   I replied to the post with the method I have been using.  In my Ionic 2 apps I have a config.js file in the providers folder.

In this config.js file I export the constants like this:

export let SERVER_NAME = “myServer.com”;
export let TEST_USERNAME = “myName”;

(I suppose I could export a single object containing the values rather than exporting all the values individually but this is the way I have been doing this so far)

In any components that then need to reference a constant I do this:

import {SERVER_NAME) from ‘./config’;

and then I just use that value (in this case SERVER_NAME) whenever I need to in that component.

As I said, I have no idea really if this is considered best Angular 2 practice or whether or not there are any problems with it but so far it has worked for me.


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