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IBM Bluemix Cloudant DB Setup

I’m working on an Ionic 2 app right now that has an IBM Bluemix Cloudant back-end.  I’m using PouchDB in my Ionic 2 app to synchronise the data from the remote server to my app.

I couldn’t work out why I was getting the following error from PouchDB when I tried to connect to my remote database:

EXCEPTION: {“status”:500,”name”:”unknown_error”,”message”:”Database encountered an unknown error”}

And then I remembered that in the Bluemix Cloudant dashboard I needed to enable CORS (which in my case was actually enabled by default) and also set the Origin Domains to “All Domains”.  In my case the latter option wasn’t set.



I may write about integrating Ionic 2, PouchDB and Bluemix in a later blog post.


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