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Developing mobile Applications for the Salesforce platfom



For the last three months I have been lucky enough to be working with the team at MobileCaddy developing mobile applications for the Salesforce platform. MobileCaddy have created their own framework/methodology and toolset that enables you to mobilise Salesforce data in a hybrid cross-platform application using the Ionic Framework.

I had no prior knowledge of the Salesforce platform prior to this contract so there was an eye opening period of Salesforce Platform “on-boarding” when I started. I was amazed at just how vast the Salesforce platform is – I had always thought of it as just another CRM system. If you have experience of Salesforce yourself you’d know how far that is from the truth.

There is a mobile application available from Salesforce called Salesforce 1 which allows customers to access their data via mobile devices. However, there are serious limitations to how it works and the functionality it provides – in particular the ability to work on your data off-line in a robust, secure and scalable way. MobileCaddy’s toolset tackles these limitations head-on and solves them.

What I love about the MobileCaddy solution is that as a developer, you get a lot of highly valuable and highly functional code straight out of the box – leaving you to concentrate on the UI and the business logic. Their starter templates come pre-built with off-line sync services, and a utilities library allowing you to easily make API calls to your Salesforce data – safe in the knowledge that if you are off line it will work, if you are on-line it will work and if you are moving between off-line and on-line mode it will work. It just works!
Using the API is simple and elegant and that’s what I love about the MobileCaddy framework.

One of the applications that I have built with MobileCaddy is a Food Ordering proof of concept application that Justin Halfpenny, co-founder of MobileCaddy talks about here.

It’s been a great learning curve for me, working with MobileCaddy and using their framework.  Their team are incredibly knowledgable about the Salesforce platform and in particular the challenges posed by mobilising your data.  If you are a Salesforce customer and are looking at mobilising your data but are unsure how to go about it, I highly recommend that you contact the MobileCaddy team and ask them to talk to you about their product set.