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AngularAir episodes 56, 57 and 58

I love listening to the AngularAir podcasts and last week saw the first in a series of three episodes that should be of interest to anyone doing mobile development right now.

Episode 56 was titled “Is NativeScript the Holy Grail for mobile development”.  I first came across NativeScript at last years Angular Connect conference in London.  I think the possibilities with NativeScript are pretty amazing if they get it right and I’m particularly excited about their integration with Angular 2.

For now I’m concentrating on Ionic 2 – I love the Ionic framework and it does everything I need it to do – but I will certainly be giving NativeScript a try soon just to compare it with Ionic.

This week on AngularAir we have episode 57 when the Ionic Framework team are the guests.  The show is called “Why Ionic 2 is going to rock your world” (and of course, it will)

Episode 58 will be talking about React Native, another must-listen show.

Interesting times….


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