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Ionic and Azure

I’m building an Ionic application at the moment using the very latest version of the framework (RC0) and one of the problems I encountered was how to include and reference the Azure Javascript SDK so that my app could use an Azure back-end.

I had some problems with this initially but finally got it to work in the end.  Two things came to my rescue.

Firstly, just at the time I was struggling with this, the Ionic team published an article “Using 3rd Party Libraries”.  This was a great help and I urge you to check it out of you are having any difficulties in using 3rd party libraries with Ionic 2.

Following that article I knew that all I had to do to use the library  was run the following command from the CLI:

npm install azure-mobile-apps-client –save

and then add:

declare module ‘azure-mobile-apps-client’;

to my declarations.d.ts file (as there was no Typings file available for the library)

I then had some problems trying to reference the library and use it within my application. Although I was working at the weekend, I reached out to Ionic’s Dan Bucholtz via twitter, expecting that maybe on the Monday I might get a reply.  That was to underestimate Super Dan and within minutes he was helping me out (thanks Dan).  Finally I managed to get things working.  And it was all very simple.

In my components/services I now have:

import azureMobileClient from ‘azure-mobile-apps-client’;

and in their constructor:

this.client = new azureMobileClient.MobileServiceClient(azureURL);
this.table = this.client.getTable(tableName);

and it now all works swimmingly well !  🙂










Firstly thanks to this timely article from the Ionic Framework team about using 3rd party libraries and secondly thanks to some help from Dan Bucholtz


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