Combined Web App, Mobile App + PWA with Angular and Ionic

I’m really interested in what is the best (current) approach to building an app in Angular and Ionic that provides:

  1. A Web App (i.e good experience in a desktop browser)
  2. A Mobile App (i.e in the App Store)
  3. A Progressive Web App


It’s obviously something other people are interested in too:

I’d be really interested in any best-practice guidance documentation on doing something like this – I’ve looked but haven’t found much.  Interestingly, Ionic themselves tweeted something this week implying help with this sort of thing is on their roadmap.



I’m a mobile applications developer based in the UK, concentrating primarily on hybrid application development with Ionic but also with native development skills. Please visit for more information about me and how I may be able to help you with mobile application development, particularly with Ionic but also with other mobile frameworks and technologies.  Thanks for visiting.



2 thoughts on “Combined Web App, Mobile App + PWA with Angular and Ionic

  1. vpego


    there are a lot of people interested on this subject.. during those last 2 months have you developed your own conclusion regarding the best approach on it?

    Thanks in advance !

  2. Erik

    Going one step further …
    I would be interested to have a WebApp incl. WebBLE and the mobile (native) App incl. Cordova Native Plugins.
    I assume you can do something like “mocking away” the Cordova/IONIC Plugins and replacing it with WebBLE.
    Still the question remains, how to make that look good 🙂


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