Ionic scrollToBottom issue

I have been developing a chat application recently and when I open a chat page to show a current conversation I wanted the page to automatically scroll to the bottom so the user can see the last chat message entered.  So I added a call to the scrollToBottom method in the ionViewDidEnter() lifecycle event as follows:

export class ChatPage {
  @ViewChild(Content) content: Content;

  constructor() {

  ionViewDidEnter() {

Unfortunately, the scroll occasionally did not execute.  It seems to work most of the time but occasionally when you opened the page it would scroll but not all the way to the bottom of the chat content.    I found that this only ever happened when the conversation contained images (photos etc that the users had uploaded as part of the chat).  Occasionally the image loading would interfere with the scroll.  I solved it simply by adding a 300 ms delay before the scrollToBottom() is executed.



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5 thoughts on “Ionic scrollToBottom issue

  1. Francesco

    Oh my god! It works! I was looking for hours for proper way to scroll to bottom.

    Could be nice though if it just appear to be on the bottom – instead of scrolling all the way down..

  2. Wutha

    By the way, you can use this.content.scrollDownOnLoad() in ionViewDidLoad if you don’t want the scroll animation. It will directly display the bottom of the content.


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