From beacon to tab to home-screen

I’ve built a few apps now that use Beacons (one native iOS app, two native Android apps and one Ionic app) and it’s a technology that really interests me.  Following on from watching Alex Russell talk about Progressive Web Apps the other day, today I was listening to Jen Looper on JavaScript Air talking about her session about beacons at the Fluent conference.

Jen talked about Eddystone beacons and how they remove the need for a dedicated app to pick them up (Eddystone beacons can transmit URLs which can be automatically detected by the phone and have a web site / web app launched).

I couldn’t help thinking as I listened how this could work well with the Progressive Web App concept.  And then today Jen tweeted a link to this article which did link the two ideas together.  Getting all this right (the use of beacon technology) is a real challenge still for developers but I think the idea of Progressive Web Apps in combination with Eddystone technology is really exciting.


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