Why Ionic Devs Should Use Ionic Serve

As I pointed out here, Nic Raboy’s brilliant blog on Ionic development has been a fantastic resource for me as I have learned about Ionic and Angular.  Nic is a prolific blogger – he comes out with stuff almost daily, always good quality, relevant and useful.

Recently Nic posted a blog entitled “Why you should not use Ionic Serve for your hybrid apps”.  This was an interesting post (go and read it) and provoked a bit of discussion.

Yesterday I started developing a new Ionic 2 application and at the end of the working day I realised I had spent ALL DAY using Ionic Serve.  So I thought a very short blog post defending the tool was in order.

I think the problem with Nic’s post is that a better title for it might have been something like “Why you should be aware of Ionic Serve’s limitations” or words to that effect rather than a blunt “do not use it” message.

I have to say I love Ionic Serve.  When I start developing an app I like to get the structure right first – menus, navigation stack, data displays and so on.  For this stage of development Ionic serve is a priceless timesaver.  It’s quick.  It’s easy.  De-bugging is easy.

I tend to move on from using Ionic Serve to testing my application on simulators and devices only when this stage of development is complete.  Usually this is when I can no longer rely on Ionic Serve, when I need to use a plugin that requires the presence of the device for example.

So my message would be use ionic serve (especially at the early stages of developing an app) but be aware of its limitations (all of which are pointed out in Nic’s blog).


I’m a mobile applications developer based in the UK, concentrating primarily on hybrid application development with Ionic and Ionic 2 but also with native development skills. Please visit www.crossplatformsolutions.co.uk for more information about me and how I may be able to help you with mobile application development, particularly with Ionic 2 but also with other mobile frameworks and technologies.  Thanks for visiting.

2 thoughts on “Why Ionic Devs Should Use Ionic Serve

  1. nraboy

    Good job at looking at the positive in both scenarios :-).

    You may want to fix your first link. It takes me to a page that I must sign in to read.



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