My favourite learning resources for Ionic 2

I’m pretty new to the Ionic and Angular frameworks and am always on the lookout for blogs and other resources that help me learn.  The following is my current go-to list of resources for Ionic development.

Firstly the Ionic 2 Forum itself.  This is a great place to pick up hints and tips from other developers and also help people who are coming across problems for the first time that you may have hit before.  I visit this forum several times a day.

Outside of the forum there are several blogs I follow, all of them really great resources for Ionic hints, tips and tutorials:

Josh Morony’s blog at

(Josh has an Ionic 2 book out that is well worth checking out)

Nic Raboy’s blog at

Andrew McGivery’s blog at

Raymond Camden’s blog at

Ashteya Biharisingh’s blog at


I also love podcasts and at the moment, I am regularly listening to:

The Angular Air podcast

The Javascript Air podcast


I’m a mobile applications developer based in the UK, concentrating primarily on hybrid application development with Ionic and Ionic 2 but also with native development skills. Please visit for more information about me and how I may be able to help you with mobile application development, particularly with Ionic 2 but also with other mobile frameworks and technologies.  Thanks for visiting.




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